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Mental Health Dr. Hausmann completed the continuing medical education program: Intensive Training in Children’s Mental Health for Primary Care Physicians and Pediatricians provided by McLean Hospital, Harvard Medical School. Dr. Hausmann applies evidence-based medicine to assess, diagnose and treat mild to moderate depression and anxiety. Dr. Hausmann has access to pediatric psychiatrists Monday thru Friday on the same day of visit for more complex cases.

Dr. Hausmann completed training in Psychological First Aid Responder provided by Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. This specialized training prepared Dr. Hausmann to provide short-term basic psychological care and to learn the skills necessary to respond to those who have experienced an emergency and/or traumatic event.

Just like adults, children and teens can also feel sad, hopeless or worried. This is a normal part of being human; however, if your child is constantly sad, hopeless or anxious this can be a cause for concern. It’s important that you don’t just ignore these symptoms, as they could be signs of childhood depression or anxiety. Here at North Woodmere Medical Care, we work with many families who have children, teenagers or young adults who are dealing with depression and anxiety. Here’s what you should know about childhood anxiety and depression:

Signs of Anxiety

Yes, even children will experience fear and worry from time to time. Perhaps they are nervous about their first day of school or worried about an upcoming test. These feelings are normal; however, if your child’s worries and fears start to affect their home, school or social life then it’s probably time to talk with your pediatrician. Some signs of anxiety in children and teens include,

  • Experiencing extreme fear around certain objects or scenarios (e.g. airplanes; animals)
  • Experiencing intense anxiety when separated from parents or family
  • Experiencing intense worry around going to school or socializing with others
  • Fear of the future or worried that bad things will happen to them or their family

If your child suffers from panic disorders, they may also experience lightheadedness, rapid heart rate and sweating during an attack. It’s also normal for children with anxiety to complain of poor sleep, decreased appetite, fatigue and stomach issues.

Signs of Depression

While you never want to see your child sad, this emotion is one that everyone will experience; however, if your child has been displaying signs of depression for more than two weeks, it’s time to speak with their pediatrician. And make no mistake depression can happen to anyone, regardless of their age or gender. Some of the most common symptoms of depression include:

  • Increased anxiety 
  • Difficulty functioning at school or work
  • Appetite changes (overeating or loss of appetite)
  • Lack of enjoyment in things that once brought them pleasure
  • Loss in energy
  • Feeling hopeless, sad or worthless
  • Increased irritability and mood swings
  • Trouble concentrating
  • Avoiding people, even family or close friends
  • Increased guilt
  • Self-harm or harm to others
  • Thoughts of suicide or death
  • Changes in sleep (sleeping too much or not sleeping enough)  

Making an Appointment for an Evaluation

If your child, teen or a young adult is displaying any of the telltale symptoms of anxiety or depression it’s important to talk with a physician trained in diagnosing and treating depression and anxiety to determine the next steps. While we provide comprehensive medical care we focus on both physical and emotional wellness. That's why at North Woodmere Medical Care your emotional feelings are just as important to us as your cough or cold. Dr. Hausmann applies evidence-based medicine to assess, diagnose and treat mild to moderate depression and anxiety. She also works closely with other child psychiatrists and other mental health professionals to ensure that each patient receives the highest level of care. Dr. Hausmann provides resources and mental health referrals for more complex cases to ensure that you get the evaluation and comprehensive treatment that you need to manage your anxiety or depression for the long term.

Dr. Hausmann can also work with families and individuals to determine ways to improve their lifestyle (e.g. lifestyle and dietary changes, coping skills, regular exercise, decreased screen time, improved quality of sleep and talk which aims to teach patients the skills to be able to view situations in a more positive way) in order to better manage symptoms and improve mental outlook. 

If your child, teen or a young adult is showing symptoms of depression or anxiety, it’s important to make an appointment with a mental health professional or trained medical professional for an evaluation as soon as possible. Call North Woodmere Medical Care at (516) 791-9010 to schedule your appointment.

If your child or a young adult is showing symptoms of depression or anxiety, it’s essential to talk with a health care provider trained in diagnosing and managing mild to moderate depression and anxiety as soon as possible.

Call North Woodmere Medical Care at (516) 791-9010 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Stacy Hausmann in Valley Stream, NY. We see patients from the Five Towns (Cedarhurst, Woodmere, Lawrence, Hewlett, and Inwood), Far Rockaway, and other communities.

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