After-Hours Care

Child Feeling SickYour child or you do not feel well at 9:00 pm. You may be experiencing high fever, cough, or stomach pain. What do you do? We know that scenarios like this are a parent’s worst nightmare, but it’s essential to stay calm during these moments

Here at North Woodmere Medical Care, we know that fevers, stomach bugs, and asthma attacks often appear at the very worst of times. That’s why we offer after-hours medical care for children and young adults at our office in Valley Stream, NY. It’s Dr. Stacy Hausmann’s mission to provide you with an alternative to visiting urgent care with long lines and wait time. Please call our office to find out if you should make an appointment with our office, go to the nearest urgent care center or ER. If you feel that you or your child is experiencing a true medical emergency do not delay in calling 911 and going to the nearest ER.

What We Can Do

We know that health problems don’t wait until you are fully ready. When you or your child cannot wait for an appointment during regular business hours, it’s comforting to know that our team is here to provide trustworthy, reliable care to children, teens, and young adults when you need it. Days, nights, and weekends, our team is here for you. Our Valley Stream, NY office provides you with many of the services of urgent care in a warm and friendly setting with no wait time.

The Benefit of After-Hours Care

Aside from the obvious benefit of being able to get your child or young adult the care they need when health problems arise, there is another significant benefit to turning to a physician who offers after-hours care.

Woman feeling sick

  • You don’t have to rush to the closest urgent care or local hospital. Hospital visits are costly, and unless your child or young adult is dealing with a true medical emergency, a trip to the hospital is unnecessary and expensive. When it comes to treating non-life-threatening conditions, you can get excellent quality medical care at North Woodmere Medical Care in a state-of the art facility.
  • When you have an after-hours physician like Dr. Hausmann, you have a doctor who understands and fully knows your child’s or young adult’s medical history over time. Carting them from one urgent care clinic to another is stressful, as these doctors may not fully understand your detailed medical history. By always turning to the same physician for after-hours care, you can get the same exceptional care you and your child are used to without the burden of dealing with new doctors at an urgent care center. They may not fully understand all your health needs.

We know that symptoms can arise at any time, and it can provide parents with peace of mind knowing that they can immediately call us in the  evenings and weekends (daytime and evening) to find out what steps to take next. 

Call North Woodmere Medical Care in Valley Stream, NY today at (516) 791-9010 to learn more about our after-hours care and to see if you should make an appointment. It is Dr. Stacy Hausmann’s mission to provide you with after-hours care and more. We see patients from the Five Towns (Cedarhurst, Woodmere, Lawrence, Hewlett, and Inwood), Far Rockaway, and other communities.

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