Obesity and Weight Loss

Yes, your primary doctor can also help with weight loss.

More than two-thirds of adults in the US are overweight or obese, and 1 in 6 children in the US are obese. The facts don’t lie, we have an obesity problem in the US, and it clearly doesn’t just impact the adults. It’s also impacting our children and teens. While we should feel confident and beautiful in the skin we’re in, we also have to recognize that being overweight or obese puts patients at risk for chronic and potentially life-threatening health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease. Our Valley Stream, NY, doctor, Dr. Stacy Hausmann, wants to help guide you to a healthier you, starting with your nutrition.

Get Personalized Support

The reason most diets fail is they are either so rigid that they could never actually work or because it’s easy to jump off the bandwagon when you don’t have anyone holding you accountable or you’re not sure that it’s even working. We get it! We’ve worked with patients who’ve felt the same way. This is why it’s different when you turn to Dr. Hausmann here in Valley Stream, NY.

There are no fad diets, no injectables, no magic pills. Just simple nutrition and lifestyle changes you can make the minute you step out of our practice to start leading a healthier life. Just knowing you are making those steps is incredibly empowering and motivating.

Plus, we check in with you regularly. We provide you with customized nutritional plans that don’t have you starving and grabbing for the chips and candy in the middle of the night. We recommend whole, nourishing foods that are nutrient-dense. You’ll feel full and satiated in a way you didn’t even know you could. You’ll find that sometimes your hunger cues were actually water cues. You’ll also start to learn when it’s time to stop eating so you don’t overeat. These aren’t easy steps for people, but with a qualified doctor, like Dr. Hausmann who has a background in nutrition coaching and culinary medicine, it is!

You don’t have to starve yourself in order to lose weight. If you feel like there is so much back and forth regarding weight loss these days, it can feel overwhelming. Again, a medical professional is always going to know the safest and most effective strategies that align with your body, your wellness, your mental wellbeing, and your lifestyle. We know that a working mom doesn’t have hours to spend cooking in the kitchen. We got you! We know that a college student may not have the budget to spend on organic foods. We still know what to do!

What Dr. Hausmann Offers 

Dr. Hausmann has completed her Clinicians CHEF Coaching Basics and Beyond the Basics offered by Harvard Medical School. This program prepared Dr. Hausmann to help patients improve their nutrition by providing everything from healthy shopping habits to cooking instructions to recognizing what foods are healthy and which foods to avoid. By working with patients to create a nutrition plan that fits their lifestyles and needs, she empowers her patients to take charge of their own nutrition and to take an active and vested interest in what they are eating and making it fun, too!

If you or your child is overweight or obese and is looking for a doctor in Valley Stream, NY, that offers tailored, compassionate weight loss programs through proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, then call North Woodmere Medical Care at 516-791-9010 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Hausmann.

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